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About Us

The Welcome Maps have been serving our area for more than twenty years

Advertise to the Tourist in their Hotel

We design over 90 Individual Hotel covers. Each cover is personalized with the Hotel’s own logo. This insures that our Ads have access to over 4500 hotel rooms. It is also proudly displayed in most lobbies.

Advertise to the Day Tourist

Our Welcome Map cover is distributed to our advertisers and the Chamber of Commerce, thereby increasing the exposure of our message to the daytime visitor.

Advertise to the Out of Towner

The Welcome Map reaches the traveler before they arrive because many of the Chambers of Commerce and Hotels send it to visitors requesting information about our area. Upon returning home, the visitor has a handy memento for a future visit or to give to a friend.

Advertise on the Internet

Our Welcome Maps are online & can be viewed by thousands of visitors before they travel. Visitors to our website can see our Advertisers Ad, their location on the map, as well as a link to their website.

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